Chicago Family Photos in Grant Park’s Spring Flowering Trees

May 24, 2022

Stephanie Anne Photography Chicago Family Photos in Grant Park's Spring Flowering Trees

I have always dreamed of doing Chicago family photos in Grant Park‘s spring flowering trees during peak season. For years I didn’t know about them – I’m sure I’d seen them in photos but couldn’t figure out the location. One year a storm came through and ripped most of the blooms off before I could […]


Family Photos in Summer Hydrangeas

January 28, 2022

Chicago and Virginia Family Photographer Summer Hydrangeas

I adore these family photos in summer hydrangeas! It’s currently the end of January, and yet it feels like January has lasted months. That time period after Christmas before those first buds of spring can feel so long and dark. That is why my mind is on these southern summer hydrangeas right now! Can’t you […]


Chicago Family Photographer in Grant Park

April 15, 2021

Chicago Family Photographer in Grant Park in Spring

I hope you’re looking for a Chicago family photographer in Grant Park this spring! The pink fluffy blooms make the perfect backdrop. There are so many different backgrounds to choose from along the numerous gardens, finishing in Hutchinson field itself with the magenta pink flowering trees. The best time of year to typically find these […]


Preppy Chicago Family Photographer – Monograms, Hydrangeas, and a Chocolate Lab

March 12, 2021

Chicago Family Photographer

Are you looking for a preppy Chicago family photographer? If you are a lover of monograms, hydrangeas, and/or chocolate labs, look no further! I found this little grove of hydrangeas in Lincoln Park that were screaming for me to use them on this family. We had a fantastic time around the park that early evening, […]