April 15, 2021

Chicago Family Photographer in Grant Park

I hope you’re looking for a Chicago family photographer in Grant Park this spring! The pink fluffy blooms make the perfect backdrop. There are so many different backgrounds to choose from along the numerous gardens, finishing in Hutchinson field itself with the magenta pink flowering trees. The best time of year to typically find these flowering trees are mid-May. This will depend if Chicago has a colder or warmer spring leading up to mid-May. Give or take, that is when you’ll want to go! However, if you prefer the white flowering trees, they will be out usually the first week of May. All this might surprise you if you don’t live right by the lake, because you’ll see flowering trees earlier in your neighborhood the farther west you drive. The lakeshore is colder and therefore the blooms are later. This is key for getting the timing right!

With this family photo session, we started in the North Rose Garden and made our way south. Due to the pandemic in 2020, we sadly did not take any photos by Buckingham Fountain, as the water was shut off. I’m crossing my fingers it will be back on in 2021! However, that did not lessen the beauty of this final gallery for them! To be honest, we took these photos after the mid-May lakeshore flowering peak, on Memorial Day weekend. The magenta pink blooms at Hutchinson field were still out and lovely though (scroll to the end to see)!

This family photo session wrapped up with some maternity photos of mama surrounded by the glorious pink fluffy blooms. Last year may have been crazy for a lot of reasons, but that didn’t stop families from having babies and wanting special photos!