May 24, 2022

Chicago Family Photos in Grant Park’s Spring Flowering Trees

I have always dreamed of doing Chicago family photos in Grant Park‘s spring flowering trees during peak season. For years I didn’t know about them – I’m sure I’d seen them in photos but couldn’t figure out the location. One year a storm came through and ripped most of the blooms off before I could get down there. There were just enough left in one area to pretend like it was peak, but I didn’t see them in all their splendor. Last year the blooms came weeks earlier than usual, and I missed them! Finally in 2022, I made it happen. The fluffy pink blooms were the perfect backdrop for these two sisters in their floral dresses. Mom even popped in for a few photos! The golden light pouring in from behind the canopy of pink was stunning to behold. I also didn’t realize until I arrived that there was a perfect view of the Willis Tower directly behind them.

One pro tip: if you have young ones under five, bring snacks to your photo session! Little ones need a break as they become overwhelmed with the process. Usually I will take some photos, break for snack, then come back and finish. This particular session, we actually hid the blueberry container in the grass, and I snapped some smiling shots in between bites! Mamas, when working with me, I’ll do whatever it takes for the good shots!

The whole evening was a success! These sister milestone photos I hope will be a treasure to their mom, grandmas, and whole family. My dream of Chicago family photos in Grant Park’s spring flowering trees has finally come true!