January 28, 2022

Family Photos in Summer Hydrangeas

I adore these family photos in summer hydrangeas! It’s currently the end of January, and yet it feels like January has lasted months. That time period after Christmas before those first buds of spring can feel so long and dark. That is why my mind is on these southern summer hydrangeas right now! Can’t you just feel the warmth of the sun radiating through these family photos? I’m a sucker for hydrangeas in all shades of blue, purple, and pink. Don’t they remind you of Nantucket? These coveted summer flowers are strewn all throughout the south, too. I had been driving all over town trying to find some that were in a decent spot for pictures (as in, not on the side of the road next to a gas station, which seemed like the places I kept spotting them!). When I mentioned it, my friend told me that she had some right in her front yard! It was the most perfect June day, not too hot, and golden hour was magical. These are some of my favorite family photos ever!