I'm Steph, a family, newborn and maternity photographer in Chicago. I'm also a Christian, a wife, and a mother of two. While I've lived here nine years now, I'm originally from Virginia. Chicago is cool y'all, but it doesn't have Bojangles or the Blue Ridge Mountains. 

I gave up a riveting cubicle position to pursue a more creative life, and have been photographing families, children and babies in Chicago for the last 8 years. To the mom reading this, I know how important this is to you and that you want it to go well. One of my biggest goals is to make you feel safe - safe enough to be frustrated when your kids aren't cooperating or your husband doesn't care about pictures, and safe enough to be yourself, the way you would be if you were at home snuggling and loving on your babies. I can promise you a judgment free zone and the utmost patience. I am also going to prepare you for what to expect, so you can show up and leave the rest to me. Genuine, joyful and timeless images are in your future.

Keep browsing to learn a bit more about me, and be sure to check out my Portfolio and Information pages! 

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