September 2, 2020

Chicago Family Photographer at Montrose

It’s fall y’all! Well, almost. September is technically still summer for most of the month, but we are starting to get all the fall feels and Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in business. September also means the beginning of my fall family photo season. As a Chicago family photographer, Montrose is one of my go-to fall locations. There is this path right along the front of the bird sanctuary that leads to a grove of wildflowers. If you time it just right near sunset, the light trickles through the trees and gives off a cozy fall glow. I had my family photos taken there last year myself, because of how beautiful it is!

This family of five was so much fun for their photo session! The girls giggled their way down the path to the wildflower grove and gave me the silliest show. Little brother was cozy up next to mom for some sweet mommy-son photos. Our tickle fights really got them laughing for the most genuine smiles. The sun was setting perfectly over the sanctuary and hugging everyone with it’s golden hour. It was the making of a perfect fall family photo session!