April 10, 2018

Why Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about the differences between Posed Newborn Photography (PNP) and Lifestyle Newborn Photography (LNP). While there are certainly pros and cons to both, and as I said the style you choose is totally a matter of preference, I wanted to share why I have chosen to exclusively do LNP in my business. Aside from not having the expertise required to pose those little newborns in all kinds of interesting ways, nor do I own any of the props necessary to attain that look, it was never a style I was personally drawn to. I also worry that PNP will be one of those Pinterest trends that we’ll look back on years from now and scratch our heads over. I really try and caution myself to do anything too trendy with my photography, since I’ve tried that before and had regrets. Now, some may argue that the “Lifestyle” look is a trend, which it is, but the trend in itself is pointing to the real. Taking photos that reflect your real life, the emotion and the memory, will outlast the trendy buzz word, “Lifestyle”.

chicago lifestyle newborn photographer

I can’t get excited about poses and outfits and backdrops the way that I can when I see a father hold his tiny, new daughter in his arms while the sunlight in the nursery hits them just right. You can see the creases in his eyes from all the sleep he’s lost in those first several days, but you can also see the tear that’s forming as he looks down at her. As a photographer, I get to watch them get to know one another. Bows and hats and baskets don’t light that fire in me the way it does when I watch a first time mama, so sore having had her body literally broken days before so this little one could come into the world, but her joy is unmatched when she lifts baby up for a gentle forehead kiss, thrilled that he’s finally here.

chicago lifestyle newborn photographer

Those are the moments that I NEED to give you. I truly believe that when you look back on your images, you will be so amazed at the emotions you get to relive again and again because of the way that season was captured. Of course if you did PNP, you’d revisit the images and think how adorable and cute they are, but don’t you also want to remember what your baby really looked like? One day your child will get to see and admire those photos of the place you brought him or her home to, and how young and excited mom and dad looked. That will be such a treasure for them, and for you.

Winnetka Lifestyle Newborn PhotographerAt the end of the day, truly sit down and consider what you want in your photographs for the long term. I am biased, of course, but these are your memories, I am merely a collector of them 🙂