March 26, 2018

What Style of Newborn Photography is for you?

If you’re on Pinterest at all, you’ve probably noticed two different trends in newborn photography lately. One of them is more posed and the other more natural/organic. For the client, the style you choose is really a matter of preference. What’s important, though, is doing your homework to see what type of style photographers market and excel in. Most photographers will do one or the other, though I have seen some try to blend the two.

Posed Newborn Photography

Posed Newborn Photography (I’ll call it “PNP”), is more often than not done in a studio, but not always. There are some photographers who bring their props and backdrops with them to the client’s home, but it is much more easily accomplished in a studio where all of those items already reside. Artificial studio lighting is often used, unless the photographer has great window light in their space. PNP is for you if you want a “baby on a bean bag” look. You know the look I’m talking about! PNP will incorporate wraps, bean bags, baskets, faux fur blankets, props, patterned backdrops and the like. Photographers will pose the newborns perched on their palms, propped on a baseball glove or football or maybe nakie on their tummies wearing a sweet bow or cap. It’s a lot of work, folks. All this has to be done while the newborn is asleep in order to achieve that specific look, so many breaks have to be taken for feedings and diaper changes to get baby happy and back to sleep. Mom and dad (and siblings) are sometimes also photographed with baby during a photo session, but the emphasis is on the newborn and the posing/backdrop. This style is incredibly popular because of how obviously adorable it is. You might love this style if you want that perfect, sharp looking newborn photo for your birth announcement card. Some people might also prefer this style because they don’t have to get their home and nurseries cleaned and prepared before a photo shoot. You simply walk into a studio!

Lifestyle Newborn Photography

We’ll call this “LNP”. LNP has gained a lot of popularity over the last couple of years, and for many reasons I believe. This style is done in the comfort of the client’s home, usually in the nursery, master bedroom and/or living room. The best window light will dictate where these photos are predominantly taken. Because these are done in the home only using natural light, they will naturally produce a more relaxed vibe. The emphasis for LNP is on family interaction including baby snuggles and kisses with mom, dad, siblings and the whole family. Newborns will still be photographed by themselves, but usually in a simple/neutral swaddle blanket, in a onesie and/or in a diaper. Extreme posing will probably not be done. The emphasis here is on baby in his/her crib and the sweet, tiny details like fingers, toes, eyelashes and belly buttons. Baby can be awake or asleep, it doesn’t necessarily matter because the goal of LNP is to capture family and baby in a real, genuine way. LNP could deter some new moms from wanting this style due to insecurity over their postpartum bods, but with the right clothing and accessories, this does not have to be an issue! The nursery is also a prominent component of LNP, so this style could be for you if you spent weeks and months preparing your nursery and want to remember how perfect it was before it gets covered in spit up and poo 🙂 Overall, this type of session will be comfortable, natural and intimate. It will commemorate the home and nursery that you brought baby home to, and generate a relaxing atmosphere resulting in genuine photographs of your new family.

So, now that you have the general overview of the two, consider yourself educated to go and find the style that’s right for you! There is no right or wrong. Again, it is a matter of personal preference!