April 2, 2019

Easy Tips for a Successful Lifestyle Newborn Session

Lifestyle Newborn sessions are done in the client’s home, so I always like to communicate to the parents what they can expect and how to prepare. It’s not complicated, but these handful of tips can really help a session to run more smoothly. Here are my top five easy tips for a successful newborn session:

1.) A neutral quilt / coverlet / duvet / comfortor

Many of you already have a neutral cover on your bed, but if you don’t, I’d grab a throw from the couch or the linen closet and toss it over your bed before your session. It creates a clean background, which is preferred for lifestyle newborn sessions. We do not want anything distracting from the love between a newborn baby and the family.

Tips for a successful lifestyle newborn session

2.) Remove all clutter

I ask the parents to clear away all toys, laundry and other household items from the rooms I will be photographing in. Again, the goal is a clean background with minimal distractions. While we are going for a natural, organic look, this is not a documentary session!

3.) It needs to be warm

I love space heaters because they are portable and we can take them to different rooms. Yes, you could turn off the AC in the summer, or turn up the heat in the winter, but then all of the adults are going to be sweaty. Chances are you already have a space heater. If not, it isn’t absolutely crucial, but newborns do like it toasty warm, so we need to achieve that somehow.

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photographer Downtown

4.) Feed your newborn 30-45 minutes before my arrival

This is important! Newborn feedings take upwards of 30-45 minutes, as we mamas know, so by the time I arrive, he or she will be good and sleepy. Within the span of our session time, it is likely the mother will have to do another feeding, and possibly multiple diaper changes. This is all normal and expected.

Chicago Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

5.) Have your special items set out for me

While I do not bring any blankets, wraps or other props with me, sometimes mothers do have special items that they would like their newborn photographed in. For example, this could mean a monogrammed blanket for them to lay on, that polka dot swaddle from grandma, hats, bows/headbands, or a Cubs onesie. You get the idea! Sometimes mamas don’t have anything special, but if they do then I just ask those items to be set aside for me when I arrive so that I’m aware of their significance.

Tips for a successful lifestyle newborn session

Simple, right!? Like I said, these things aren’t complicated and won’t take much extra time, but they will make a world of difference. I hope you enjoyed these easy tips for successful newborn session!