January 29, 2019

Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Downtown Chicago

You probably remember this family from their maternity session last fall. I still can’t believe this little guy is here! Joe and Lisa have waited years and years to be parents. They had tried almost everything medically and scientifically possible. After coming to terms that this would not be their reality, that Lisa would never carry their baby in her womb, seemingly out of nowhere came a positive pregnancy test. Cautiously optimistic, they went to their doctor, but things didn’t look good. It appeared as though miscarriage was inevitable. They had heard it all before, too many times. After that appointment, hundreds of prayers from friends and family came pouring through to save this child. Then remarkably at their next ultrasound, everything looked fine. It was, truly, a miracle. After years of closed doors, God opened one.

I was so humbled to be chosen to tell the story of this boy’s life in his mama’s womb and his first days here on earth. If you’d like to read more about Joe & Lisa’s fertility journey, check out their full story here.