May 15, 2018

Lifestyle Newborn | Preppy Pink, Green & Gingham Nursery

If you’re a fan of monograms and all things preppy, then you’re going to love this post! I instantly fell in love the moment I walked into Bethany’s home. It was filled with all the blue & white porcelain you could hope to collect, and tastefully placed monograms in each room. When she wrapped baby Grady in a pink gingham swaddle blanket, that was the icing on the preppy cake!

You’d never know these two were new parents by the way things seemed to come so naturally to them, from feeding to soothing to cuddles. Baby Grady is one loved little babe! Her chocolate lab big brother is still figuring out who this tiny, loud person is, but you can tell he already considers her part of the family.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this latest lifestyle newborn session!

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