July 26, 2017

French Blue & Peach Tablescape Inspiration

I’m back with another summer tablescape inspiration post, this time featuring some of my favorite summer hues. When I was in Target a few weeks ago, I spotted a french blue tablecloth on sale, and couldn’t resist! It is one of my favorite colors, in keeping with my love of blue & white anything. Safe to say, I consider it a neutral. I’ve dedicated my entire bedroom and another whole bathroom in my house to this color. It never tires my eyes like more vibrant, saturated colors will, it just soothes your soul. It really can be used in any season paired with a different accent color. Here’s my little chart of suggested seasonal color pairings:

French blue with…

Spring: lavender, yellow or blush

Summer: peach or red (if you’re going for a July 4th theme)

Fall: pumpkin orange or apple red

Winter: white, evergreen or any metallic

This particular table took me about 4 minutes to scrap together. Again, I used what I had around the house and the only purchases were the peaches and fresh hydrangeas. I was inspired to use peaches because 1.) they are in season, and 2.) I recently got back from a trip to Virginia where we visited a peach orchard, and it was such a cute little experience. I got a handful from the grocery store along with some hydrangeas, grabbed a hurricane vase from my mantel and threw the flowers in. I’m always amazed at how such a simple flower can add so much to a table or room, with it’s lush and inviting presence. Step outside in the heat of summer, cut a few fresh ones if you can and don’t even bother going to the store (this may be easier for some of you than this city girl). Either way, I rarely bother with purchasing multiple types of flowers (thrillers, fillers and spillers) unless you can find them wholesale or happen to have a garden full of some. Since it’s summer, something refreshing to drink is also a must. Here I just used sparkling water with some freshly cut peaches and blueberries to infuse some flavor. My patio table is not the biggest, so if I was having a dinner spread, I’d probably bring out a card table and place it off to the side with the food – there is just no more table space and I hate to clutter a pretty table with extras!

My main thing is always this, all you need for a great table are a handful of staples: napkins, chargers, a good vase, tablecloths/runners, place mats and neutral dinnerware. I chose the Emma Collection dinnerware because it is neutral and simple while also maintaining elegance. I use it every night for dinner as well as for gatherings, fancy or casual. The rest of your tablescape can be dressed up for various occasions or holidays with a signature drink, favors, different flower arrangements, special name cards, napkin rings, etc. but as long as you have those few staples, you have a blank canvas to work with. Y’all, anyone can make a stylish looking table for a bargain. Obviously that is why places like Home Goods have come to be, so that people with taste can decorate their homes and not have to draw from their kids’ college funds to accomplish it. Thank heavens. Here’s a recap on the makings of this table:

Tablecloth: Target

Chargers: Home Goods

Dinnerware: Pottery Barn (Emma Collection)

Napkins: Home Goods

Vase: Home Goods

Stemless wine glasses: Target

*Tip* – Don’t be afraid to mix your blues. Different hues pair well together and add depth. Here, my table cloth, napkins and flowers all have different shades, without being tacky.

French Blue and Peach Tablescape Ideas and Inspiration