November 13, 2018

Fall Portraits in Lincoln Park Chicago

This is what I would call quintessential Chicago in the fall! Late October really delivered with it’s colors in Lincoln Park this year. What could be a more perfect setting for a family photo than some fall foliage and a Chicago skyline!?

Before recently moving to Indy, this fam lived in Chicago for almost a decade and had their sweet baby girl here earlier this year! As we were walking and talking during our session, we brought up how certain cities end up feeling like “your city.” For them, even though they moved to another great area recently, they had so many friends and fond memories in Chicago during their 20’s that it will forever be “their place.” I think many of us can relate to that. What I love about it is that we can embrace a new season with open arms because what we are leaving behind felt complete. It is sealed in our memory as a town that had an impact on our lives for good. My favorite part might be that one day when this gal is grown and sees these photos, her parents can tell her stories about their young lives in Chicago, and reminisce about being pregnant with her there and where she was born.

Enjoy some of my favorites!