October 5, 2017

Winnetka Newborn Photographer

You’ll notice that basically the first half of my blog images here are of these two sisters just having a fantastic time. While mom was nursing and getting the newborn ready for photos, we had some time to jump on the bed and laugh hysterically at dad. These instantly became some of my favorite images I’ve ever shot! The joy and personality coming through these photos is palpable. We had the best time.

As my business grows and my style continues to form, I realize that these are the types of images I love and want to create most. I imagine one day having kids and desiring photos just like these, full of emotion and candid energy, perfected in a black and white frame. Funny enough, these are the images moms always love the most. The priority going into a session is a formal family portrait, but later when I deliver images of their children in mid-laughter or making a face that is uniquely them, they quickly realize that the honesty of these cannot be matched with any other “picture perfect” portrait. I have to admit, I love surprising my moms with these types of images, because all they might remember are their kids jumping on the bed and causing commotion, meanwhile I am collecting hundreds of frames of joy and silliness.

When I tell people that I am a family & newborn photographer, I am often asked what kind of props I bring or what was the most unique pose that I put a newborn into. I then explain that the type of shoots I do with newborns are quite different. I definitely love the posed images that some photographers do, they are darling. Let me tell you, they work hard to get those photos and have an expertise in that area! However, I have found that my personality is suited more to the lifestyle approach. My newborn images will be tender, organic and authentic with much emphasis on family interaction with the baby. There isn’t much more I love photographing in this world than a mama with her new babe, leaning over for a gentle kiss.

These might be some of my favorite lifestyle newborn photos to date! Enjoy some of my favorites!

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