June 15, 2017

Palatine Family Photographer

Just when you think you’ve shown up a tad early and the light seems too harsh, you find a little grove of trees that diffuses it beautifully and creates a glow around everyone. Every photo session I look for it, that one perfect spot that will create a halo around the little ones I’m photographing. Not too much sun, just a peek. Once I find it, we don’t move for a while! Any light could make these kids look adorable, but a certain kind of light will bring out who they are. By the time we were wrapping up in one area, we stumbled upon a tree that was obviously planted there to frame this family of five for the portraits I was taking.

I tried something I’ve never done before as well, and that was a family silhouette. It seemed like the perfect time as we were transitioning from one spot to the next and they all just happened to be holding hands. I’m always waiting for moments like that and rarely put my camera in my bag, just in case. When it comes to family portraits, there’s an 80% chance that a shining moment will occur when you did not pose or instruct it.

I was excited to squeeze in some “just mom & dad” pictures towards the end, and these two were excited about it! Can you believe they’ve been married 13 years? They seriously look 25, and I know they didn’t get married when they were 12 y’all. Maybe their kids are keeping them young? I’d love to know the secret. Anyway, I about cried when they told me those pictures made them feel like newlyweds again. I love bringing couples back to where it all started.

Finally, their one and only request was to get a picture of the whole family praying together. It was so tender and sweet, seeing everyone get in a circle and hold hands under that tree that was made for them, while the setting sun extended it’s warm cape over their prayer.

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