March 28, 2020

North Shore Family Photographer at Gillson Beach

I have been a North Shore Family Photographer for many years now, and this Chicago suburban area couldn’t be a more beautiful place to take photos. Gillson Park and Beach in Wilmette is one of my go-to spots around here! It is such a versatile location with it’s beach, tall dune grasses, park, and a little secret garden. The other perk is that Gillson looks completely different based on the season. The same family could actually get their photos done here more than once and still have a ton of variety in their images!

The photos here were actually taken in mid-September. You can’t tell, but it was a chilly and 50-something! We went back and forth trying to decide if we should go for it that day because the forecast had some rain, clouds, and colder temperatures. My client, Marina, really wanted these photos to feel like summer, so we decided to go ahead since fall was just around the corner. Wow, I am SO glad that we did! As you can see, the purple and white flowers in the background were completely lovely, and still gave these family photos a summer vibe. And what could be more summery than the beach? Like I said, one location, SO many backgrounds!

The other thing I feel like I need to mention is that I totally get how moms become nervous when there are clouds in the forecast. I hope this family session is evidence enough that clouds can be a good thing. They actually create more even skin tones (less orange, more natural color), because the cloudy sky is nature’s soft box! In addition, I can photograph anywhere on location and not have to worry about the sun’s direction which can create harsh shadows on faces/bodies and hot spots in the grass. Trust me, it’s not going to be a problem, and it will probably work in our favor in many ways. Above all, family photos are about genuine connection and the joy you feel when you are with one another. That will upstage any lighting scenario.

Isn’t this family just beautiful!? Be sure to check out Marina’s life & style Instagram page for all things motherhood, toddler life and kids style! She is such an inspiration and her page is just full of pretty!

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