June 29, 2017

Chicago Family Photographer | Montrose Bird Sanctuary

My camera LOVED this family! Or maybe this family loved my camera, doesn’t matter. We had a gorgeous summer day at Montrose Bird Sanctuary, which helped also. I’ve now photographed here in every season and I’m never disappointed (but summer is probably my favorite). Where else can you find a random field full of tall grasses and mature trees in the middle of Chicago? If there is another one, let me know.

We had a lot of fun, and with each new spot the light got better and this little guy got sillier. I rarely use a reflector, and in fact I didn’t use it for it’s technical purpose this time, but it sure made for an amusing prop to get some laughs. A giant white pizza, I think is what he called it? Whatever it takes for a handful of genuine giggles. You guys are going to love this session. With every scroll downward you’ll be amazed that it DOES get cuter.