May 24, 2017

Mid-Week Medley

Don’t you just love spring time? Let’s go over some fun reasons why we love it (mostly because lists are helpful to me):

-Most importantly, it’s warm enough for portraits outside

-Flowers in bloom everywhere

-Fresh fruits and vegetables

-Blue skies

-Farmer’s markets



-Days are longer

-School is out soon!

-Summer vacation planning is underway

-It’s a really long time before its January again (which is comforting)

This may be true for you, but every time a new season approaches, I experience some nostalgia over that particular season. For example, in spring I’m reminded of soccer (and then quickly repress this memory…it was not my gifting), but more positively – afternoons spent on the quad in college right before summer break, sitting on my parent’s old screened-in back porch with some sweet tea, watching the hydrangeas bloom and develop into deep shades of periwinkle in my mom’s backyard.

So many reasons to be thankful for the little things we have the freedom to enjoy, don’t you think? I love snapping fleeting moments here and there when I’m on a walk, taking in my surroundings, whether I have my professional camera on hand or just my phone. It’s a reminder that there’s a great big world out there outside of yourself, and there is so much to behold. And so much coffee to drink. Always coffee.

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