September 18, 2017

Lincoln Park Boardwalk Photographer

I’ve been anxiously awaiting fall portrait sessions all summer! It’s my busiest time of year, but it’s worth it to meet so many new families and see my returning families with littles who have grown. I had a great fall kick-off with this sweet family of three! Although it was still early September, there was no shortage of a warm, fall glow happening. The sun filtered through the few trees that have just started to turn their red, orange and yellow hues.

This little gal was all sorts of curious at this new place mom & dad had taken her. She was interested in me for approximately 3 minutes, which gave me enough time to snap the family portraits and then she was on her way to explore the boardwalk. I pretended to be equally as interested and caught some great expressions along the way. I like to let the parents know that my sessions are typically led by the child! If we can just get a few formal family portraits done, the rest is all up to them and how silly and playful they are feeling today. Hopefully that takes a bit of the pressure off because my best work comes when I can let the little ones explore and be themselves.

A little over an hour into it, she was really content just playing with a set of car keys, which gave me time to snap a few of mom & dad. They hadn’t had portraits of just them, (with the exception of maternity photos) since their wedding! I had to put an end to that. It’s one of my favorite times during any family portrait session, and parents are usually willing to take a break with just them towards the end. No wonder, it can be exhausting worrying if your child(ren) are smiling for the camera!

Enjoy some of my favorites from this Lincoln Park Boardwalk session!

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