August 24, 2017

Julie and Josh Wedding | Second Shooting

The fabulous thing about being a second shooter for a wedding is that you show up on the wedding day, take the pictures, then you go home! While I love photographing weddings, the post production process is quite daunting. It’s nice to actually be able to enjoy the wedding day and be the helper. The other great thing about second shooting is that you have the freedom to really capture those in-between moments. You can get creative, and because you aren’t stressed out about all the “must have” shots, you have the clarity to see special things as they are unfolding.

When I was going through my images later, I realized that I had a lot of beautiful shots of Julie getting into her gown and putting on her veil. They just felt like they were made to be in black and white. Justin and Mary Marantz would be proud (maybe). I normally don’t go for the moody look, my images have been described as light and fresh, but wedding photography should be romantic, and there is nothing more romantic than black and white images with depth and shadow. Who knew that we were in a dark office at the back of a church, and that Amber and I entirely rearranged the room so we could get the best window light? Although that was the reality, her images do not have to reflect that!

While it was a hectic morning, when Julie put on that gown and veil, peace settled in the room. She was such a calm bride, more calm than I was as a photographer in that particular moment. I had the privilege of standing with her, holding her train right before she walked down the aisle. Was she focused on herself or her wedding day? Nope. She was chatting with me and wanted to know where I was from. That’s the kind of bride she was – selfless, joyful and full of big, tight hugs. And their wedding? So Christ honoring, genuine, classic and sweet.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from Josh and Julie’s day back in July. It was a blast working along side the main photographer, Amber Renee Design! Check out her blog post for the full wedding feature!

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