September 20, 2017

Fall Harvest Tablescape Ideas

This week is the official start of the fall season! Autumn is my absolute favorite. What’s not to love? Pumpkin spice, apple picking, pecan pies, cozy sweaters, boots, football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, foliage, cider, crisp air…it’s wonderful.

New season = new reason to decorate a table, which I’m always down for. This table is a little on the eclectic side, with a range of fall colors, patterns and textures. Y’all know I love blue, and it happens to be a great complement to any and all of the fall hues.

I went to Whole Foods and found a bouquet of flowers that pulled from all the cozy colors I was looking for (orange, red, yellow and purple), and picked out a handful of orange and white pumpkins. That was the end of my shopping trip! The rest consists of pieces that I had in the house that are neutral enough to trade in and out each season. If you don’t have pieces like this lying around, just start collecting. I’ve accumulated things that I’ve seen and picked up along the way, from my wedding and as gifts over the years. It won’t take long. Once you have a nice foundation, you can build on your table with flowers, napkins, place cards and other props to fit any occasion, holiday or theme. It’s really fun to see what you do and how you can change things up to make each tablescape special and different. If you like to entertain, it will become that much more simple to throw something together that will impress.

If you’re worried about making fancy flower arrangements, don’t! Typically, I’ll either buy one type of flower and just put them in a large vase, or I will buy a pre-made bouquet at the grocery store and play around with it. I knew I wanted to use my blue mason jars so I decided that getting big, fluffy flowers wouldn’t fit well on my table with the other elements I wanted to bring in. In this case, the mason jars were so shallow that it wasn’t hard to take a bouquet and divvy it up to make 3 small arrangements.

You might be thinking, “Blue and autumn colors? They don’t seem like they would go together.” As I’ve said before in previous posts, blue is the new neutral, and actually balances other colors quite well. It is beautiful next to orange, red, yellow or all three. Another design trend that I’m seeing lately is mixing patterns. I always thought that decor needed to be matchy-matchy to flow properly, but I’m finding that fluidity is less about patterns and much more about complimentary colors. That said, don’t hesitate to use a patterned napkin against a patterned runner, let’s say. It can work, I promise.

Happy fall decorating, everyone! I hope I was able to bring some inspiration to your season.

Chargers: Home Goods
Napkins: Gift from mother-in-law (from a boutique in Virginia)
Dinnerware: Macy’s
Name Tags: Michael’s
Goblets: Antique heirlooms from my grandmother
Table Runner: Gift from my mom years ago (likely from a thrift store)
Blue Mason Jars: Target
Flame-less Candles: Michael’s

Fall Harvest Table Decor Ideas

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