October 18, 2018

Chicago Photographer at Montrose Beach

It was such a joy to work with this sweet Colorado family who are brand new to Chicago! Having only been here a few months, I think they were pleasantly surprised that you can find nature right in the middle of the city, which, let’s be honest, is sort of surprising. Montrose is a pretty remarkable place…it has nature, fields with tall grasses, the beach, the lakefront, the Chicago skyline…what more could you need (besides an adorable toddler)? This little lady was all smiles and hardly needed any bribery! I was giggling the whole way through the editing process with those curious faces she loved to give me. The weather was playing tricks on us that day, but we decided to brave it and bet against the rain and wind. I’m so glad we did!! The little wind that we did get added a dramatic affect 😉

Mama did a great job on outfit selection, as the burgundy really stood out while also complimenting the fall colors in our scenery. I’m currently in the middle of coordinating my own photo shoot outfits for this season, so I know what a task that can be! Much harder than it seems. For you other mamas out there currently in the struggle, Old Navy is your friend.

As a Chicago transplant myself, I know what it feels like to be so far away from a region that was home to you for your entire life. However, I know that like me, these guys will discover how much this city has to offer, and how warm and hospitable the people of the Midwest are! Enjoy some of my favorites from this family of three!! Be ready for some cozy fall vibes.