May 1, 2017

Chicago Newborn Photographer

What a privilege it is to continue to be invited into the most intimate season for a family Рthe welcoming of a newborn child. I am always amazed at how calm these sessions tend to be, even though I know this season can be very stressful and challenging. But the homes I walk into are not strained or chaotic, but rather tranquil and happy. Normal life, in all other respects, has now been put on hold to take care of this new person that is only hours or days or weeks old. The phones have been put down, the emails are ignored and dinner means frozen pizza, because there is no room for anything else when parents are caught up absorbing this new precious life. This is the beauty of holding newborn sessions in the home Рit is not about being creative or cute or artistic, but merely about finding the emotion. In the simplicity we actually see and feel more coming through the photographs.

One of my favorite things to capture are the tiny fingers, toes, ears, eyelashes and all those delicate parts that literally grow by the day. Think about how little you change physically in 10 years as an adult, but how drastically a child changes in just 1 year. It’s really quite astounding! As I always say, children are in the business of growing, and those little years are so fleeting that it is your duty to see that they are archived.

It is also sweet to see how an older sibling responds to their new brother or sister. In the mix of confusion they are experiencing at this new crying thing in their mother’s arms, they are excited to be a growing family now. After all, they watched mama’s tummy go from flat to basketball in less than a year, they got to see and feel the baby kick from inside, and now they are curious as to what was causing all of this commotion. I just love to watch their reactions and interactions with the baby.

And now, I am bursting to share with you this beautiful newborn session! The late afternoon light streaming through the windows created a stunning silhouette for this sweet family. I’m honored to have captured these timeless memories for them.

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