October 30, 2018

Chicago Lifestyle Twin Newborns

I am sure you remember this family¬†from last fall. How could we forget the effortless, good old fashioned fun they were sharing together? You felt like you could just jump right in there with them. At the time going through a hard season, our photo session actually became a release, an exhale, a chance to have hope again. It’s sort of unbelievable what a difference a year can make. In mom’s words, last year’s session brought healing, this year’s session was a celebration of wonder! I couldn’t agree more.

If you know my newborn style, you know that I’m the no frills kind. I don’t bring props or backdrops or bean bags with me. Never have I been more sure of my choice to keep things simple than when I photographed this family. Adding anything extra would have upstaged them and taken away from the raw emotion of each tender moment with babies, brother, grandma and parents. I just love each and every one of these images! They seem to exude gratefulness, joy, exhaustion, gentleness and admiration all at once.