February 20, 2018

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I’ve said it before, but first time parents are the sweetest to watch with their new child. There is no handbook or manual to teach us how to do this, but somehow instincts always kick in and mom & dad become naturals at caring and loving for their newborn. Maybe it’s because there aren’t other kids in the house yet (actually I’m certain that’s it…), but when I walk into a home, there is a sense of calm that you wouldn’t expect. The nursery is thoughtfully put together, registry items have found their way out of boxes and into permanent places in the home, as if they had always been there, burping cloths and swaddling blankets are at the ready, and mom & dad are so relaxed as I ask them to cradle their baby and give gentle kisses.

This bright-eyed little fella was wide awake during our whole lifestyle newborn session! Normally I’d have mom do a long feeding to get their babe to fall asleep for those squishy, sleepy looks, but this guy was way too cute with his big blue eyes and melt-worthy smile. He was obviously very interested in what was going on, so who am I to take that experience away from him?

I joked with them that the light was so ideal in their bedroom and I’d probably need to borrow it as my studio during the winter months. The freshly fallen snow also helped as a natural reflector to illuminate this joyful family of three. I think you’re not going to get enough of this sweet baby boy!

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