January 29, 2018

Best of 2017 | Chicago Photographer

I really worked with some of the most amazing people in 2017. It was a task coming up with my favorites, so there are a lot, as a heads up. These photos are sweet, silly, intimate, emotional and overflowing with light and life. Every time I look at them I want to giggle, tear up, giggle again and then give everyone in them a hug. What would anything I do mean without the individuals in these photographs? They are what bring my job joy and life and I hope I have given them that in return.

From newborns, weddings and families…friends, new clients and returning ones….city, suburbs and my hometown…it was a full year. I documented babies in their mama’s wombs and then in their arms. Only children became siblings. Engaged couples became man and wife. Strangers became my friends. I am thankful.

In no particular order (really), here are my favorite photo moments from 2017!

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