I'm Stephanie, but you can call me Steph if you want. I'm an on-location, natural light portrait photographer based in Chicagoland.

It's important that I share a little bit about myself, because selecting the right photographer to document your family shouldn't simply involve browsing through their portfolio. Selecting the right photographer is also about being comfortable with the person behind the lens and feeling like you're old friends. 

I love and am a lot of other things besides a photographer.

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I love the Lord Jesus

It's really the most important thing you can know about me. He saved me from my sin and gave me new life and purpose in Him. Before I find my identity in any of the other things I list here, first and most importantly my identity is in Christ.

I am a wife

...to an incredible man. Being a wife is a tremendous gift that I shudder to take for granted. To serve one another in the covenant of marriage, there is no greater mission.

I am a puppy mama

...to a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Pumpkin. Usually though, we call her by a variety of other names, including but not limited to...Punks, Punkie, Punkin', Stink Face, Sweets, Bebes, Crazy.

I am an ISFJ

I'm an ISFJ. Personality types are fascinating to me -- how God made each of us unique and distinguished. I find it so enjoyable to learn and chat with others on this subject.

I love to decorate

...with the goal of making a space warm and comfortable to live in. We all need a retreat from the stresses of life, a heaven on earth. It's one of the reasons I love photography. Pictures with loved ones become art on our wall that effortlessly make a house a home.

I love to cook

My heart in the kitchen is to make clean, healthy meals with whole ingredients (but am a sucker for pizza and ice cream on occasion, which is usually every Friday). Funny, I hated to cook until I got married. All of the sudden I got so much joy out of it when I was able to share it with someone else.

I am a girly-girl

...not afraid to admit that. I love pink and purple (in the pastel variety), collecting fancy cloth napkins, twinkly lights, fresh flowers, blue & white china, and anything classic.

I love Autumn

Just everything about it. It makes me so nostalgic. Pumpkin spice, Halloween, Thanksgiving, football, foliage, apple picking, fire pits, fall fashion, the way the air smells and feels.

I love lazy beach days

Every summer growing up, we'd take a family vacation to the beach in the Carolinas. It's like going home. Now that I live in Chicago, I'm a big fan of Lake Michigan as well. 

I love Virginia

The Old Dominion state. It's where I was born and raised. If you've never visited, you are missing out on some truly gorgeous mountain views.

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